Sunday, December 28, 2008


If you notice, I've added a countdown timer to the blog. Yes, I'm going home. This time I'm moving for good!! So many things have happened since that last post.

While I was home because of Mom's illness, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and has so far refused any treatment. I've been offered a job back home I just can't refuse. Holly is pregnant again and then... I found something amazing that I never expected...

So, it was time for some decisions and those have been made. I just can't live here anymore. I've been here 10 years and that's at least 5 more than I wanted. I feel I've given so much and nothing has been given back. So, I've filed for divorce and given notice at my job. January 17th is my last day working. I've worked on arrangements concerning Sofia and hopefully all that will go well. We've decided to share custody of her and she will live in both countries. When I go home, I will be leaving her here for at least 3 months while I get started working and making a place for her. I know I will be devastated when I leave her. I pray someday she will understand all this.

So, the whole thing is so bittersweet. I feel extreme joy at the decision I have made and cannot wait to move on with my life. But I also feel extreme sorrow that I have to leave my little girl and not have her with me all the time. I wish decisions in my life could be just a little easier sometimes...


Emmy said...

Min bästis!!

Big huge hugs to you!! I know what you mean about wishing some decisions would be easier to make! I do believe you have made the right one even though things will be very hard from time to time! I'm gonna miss you like crazy but I'll be over there to visit you for sure!! Be prepared!! LOL!

Hoping to be able to come see you though before you leave too!! :)

Love you lots and lots hun!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, what a difficult decisions to made for you and I think it not will be easy to leave Sofia periodically but I think it was right decisions for you. I know that you've missed your family a lot and I hope things going to be better now for you and your mom.

I send you a huge, huge hugh and I will be thinking on you a lot!!!
Hope that we will keep in touch like before!!

Love you!!!!

Ami said...

Laura, hope you've got room for MORE HUGS!! I'm sending them your way! I know this wasn't easy for you, but I know you made the right decision for YOU. I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave Sofia, but I feel that this will all turn out for the best and she WILL understand someday. I wish you only happiness and that your transition is as painless as possible. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and hugs to you!!

TesaB said...

I'm so happy and so sad for you! Bittersweet sure is a proper word for it. Sending you a HUGE hug too! And wish you all the best!!!

MindyRadio said...

Add me to the hugs list! Knowing you, I know you will make this all work out. You know you've got some friends to keep you occupied while Sofia is away. The first thing you better set up when you get home is internet though...LOL Best wishes Laura, we're all here to help as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Hi my best friend!

I hope that everything it's ok whit you,at least so good that it could be!

Laura, I miss you so much and hope that everything goes well for you when you are back in USA again!

You've a cute thing to get in my blog! :-)

Hope to hear from you soon!

1000 HUGS to you Laura!!!