Monday, October 20, 2008

Going Home ... AGAIN!

Well, my mom has been in the hospital pretty much since we left Tennessee. She's had heart surgery and some difficulty with her lungs. I've been undecided about when to go back home... gee we just got here!! But we finally found some tickets last night and the trip is now booked. Sofia and I leave Wednesday morning at 7:10 for Stockholm. Then we have an almost 24 hour layover in Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. We will have to use the 'Rest and Fly' Service there I guess. Then on Wednesday morning, we fly to Frankfurt, Germany - from there to Charlotte, NC and then on into Tri-Cities. Gonna be a rough trip and now I've got to get to doing some packing! Please say a prayer for my family, dear friends!


Ami said...

Praying for you and your family! Have a safe trip!

MindyRadio said...

I'm thinking of you! I sure miss you. I hope everything starts turning around for your Mom.

Susanne said...

Åh,tycker synd om dig laura och din mamma, men jag hoppas att allt ordnar sig till slut och att hon blir bättre.
Hoppas resan gick bra iallafall.
Hör gärna av dig när du är hemma igen, SAKNAR dig!!!

1000 kramar till dig!!!

Susanne said...

Oj, jag glömde berätta att jag skaffat en ny och bättre blogg. Du är välkommen att kika in där och lämna ett avtryck när du får mera tid igen.
Adressen dit är;

Kram! /Susanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!! Hope that everything going better now for you and your family, I thinking a lot on you and wish you a wonderful christmas!!!
You've something to bring in my new blog!

1000 Hugs to you Laura!!!