Monday, January 12, 2009

My Going Away Present!!

So today the girls at work gave me my going-away present.. They got my belly-button pierced!! LOL What a hoot! I thought I'd be nervous, but I wasn't. I think it went pretty well and Lena (the very nice lady who done it) was just terrific! Thanks girls and Thanks Lena!! And the answer to the age-old question, 'Did it hurt?' Well, when someone shoves a needle thru your navel, yeah... it hurts! But it's over quick! :-)

Here we are sanitizing and preparing... Felt like I was going in for surgery!!

Making the mark!!

And doing the deed! LOL That's my manager Elsy holding my hand. :-) Ouch!!

And there we go... the finished product. Not bad, huh?


Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, you're so brave!!! I'm so proud of you and it looks very beautiful!

Hope that you've a safe trip to USA and I hope you will write to me about your new start over there!

I miss your mails so much Laura and hope that we could mail each other when you've install yourelf in USA!
Have you seen that you've something to get from my blog?

Take care of you and have a safe trip home!!
Thinking a lot of you!!

1000 hugs to you!!


Steph said...

I don't know how in the world you were able to do that! Me and needles don't go together well. And I just don't feel confident with my belly to show it off with a piercing. But here's to a new and better life, right?

(p.s. it's Steph from

Ami said...

Wow, you brave and adventurous woman, you!! You look GREAT! I hope you enjoy your new "embellishment"! :P

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rest!.. What a brave woman.. ~ Ouchie ~

Anonymous said...

Hej Laura!
Kikar in här igen för att se om det är nåt liv i bloggen, men nu blir jag orolig då det varit "tyst" så länge! Har inte hört nånting från dig på länge nu! Inte sen sista PM:et jag fick av dig där du skrev att du skulle bryta upp från Sverige och återvända hem igen.
Undrar hur det har gått för dig? Hoppas allt gått så bra som möjligt iallafall!

Hör gärna av dig när du får tid och lust Laura!
Saknar dig sååå mycket och längtar efter att höra nåt ifrån dig snart!

STOR KRAM till dig min goa vän!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi friend! I wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

Many, many Hugs to you Laura!!!

Thinking a lot of you!

Anonymous said...

Hej vännen! Var är du Laura, hallå!!!??!!
Saknar dig mycket!!! Hör gärna av dig när du kan!
Hoppas iaf. att allt är bra med dig!

Stora kramar från Susanne!!!